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Many people are unsure about whether or not to embark on being privately tutored so this page should give you some information about types of tuition and subjects covered.


Types of Tuition


We offer various types of private tuition - it is important to choose the right one for yourself or your child. 


Individual tuition - this is a one to one session and can be on any subject. Students who require this type of tuition range from those who need additional help with a particular area identified at school, to those preparing for a specific examination. Please be advised though that places for individual tuition are limited so contacting us well in advance is advised.


Group Tuition for 3 or 4 - this is where a group of students get together to study the same subject. Is has the advantage of students working together and spurring each other on. I find this most positive with entrance exams when the work is tough but students in a group help motivate one another.


Where do students work?


Tuition in your home - If tuition takes place in your home, there needs to be an area set up free from distractions. A simple table and chairs will do. If the student is a child, a parent or guardian needs to be present either in the same or the next room with the door open. Group tuition can also take place at your home but please make sure there is adequate space! 


Tuition in our teaching rooms - this is where most tuition takes place since we have teaching rooms set up specifically for this purpose. You are welcome to wait whilst the lesson takes place but most parents drop their children then pick up again at the end of the lesson.


Tuition Online - This takes place in your home and we use Zoom. Your tutor will let you know what materials you need and send you the link to invite you to join them online. The lessons are live and interactive.


What Are Our Rates?


The initial meeting for individual tuition carries no charge but enables the tutor to meet the student and/or parents. The first teaching session is the first for which students are charged.


For entrance exams, students attend an assessment in year 4 - this usually lasts 2 hours. The standardised scores are fed back to parents and explained so an informed decision can be made about whether or not to pursue tuition for exam preparation. The assessment costs £30 this year.


For individual tuition payments are made one lesson in advance and can be cash, cheque or online - please ask me for details.


For entrance exam tuition, payments are made half-termly in advance - these fees will be sent to you before tuition begins for exam preparation and are made half-termly in advance.


 Number of Students

Cost per student per hour 

 1 student 


 2 students or more

£28.00 each 





Travel expenses will be incurred if I have to travel more than 3 miles to reach you. I will let you know exactly what these are before tuition begins.


Cancellation Policy


Tuition continues through all holiday periods except Bank Holidays. If you are unable to make a session for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately the session will still have to be paid for but the more notice you give us, the more likely we will be able to reschedule it - we will always try to do this where possible or ask you to join another session online. Failing this we will give additional work for the student and, if we have them, send support videos across.


For entrance exam preparation, tuition begins in the autumn and continues right up to the exams in September. Tuition does continue through the summer holidays. We ask that parents and students think very carefully before embarking on tuition as we expect all students to complete the year. If you are unsure about it, we ask that you let someone else have the place.


For individual tuition, usually the tuition stops by mutual agreement when the goals have been accomplished.

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